Affordable High Quality Hearing Aids for All Hearing Types.


Ear11 Hearing Center Direct, based in many locations, the Ear11 Hearing Group of hearing specialist are committed to excellence in providing hearing aids to individuals of preschool age and older.  We have the professional medical team to thoroughly manufacture high quality hearing aid for all hearing types without a doctor’s exam for hearing or seeing an audiologist. With the High cost of hearing aids today, Ear11 has come up with the best high quality for less to better serve customers around the world and Yes!

We are making a difference in the lives of individuals with a hearing loss. We take a stress-free approach with our customers and clients, realizing the sensitivity and acceptance issues that are associated with hearing loss. Everyone is unique and that is the reason why we have many new choices of hearing devices to choose from at a price that everyone can afford.



To learn more about us send an email to: info@ear11.com